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Since 2008, the International Business Days Le Mans has welcomed hundreds of participants who have come to develop their businesses in a friendly atmosphere. Every one of them appreciated the concept of the event and some of them have let us know why :


Varun MISHRA - Commercial Director

Hinduja Tech Limited - India

«We are here to look far and to look for local partners with different companies and to develop their activities for Hinduja Tech .»

Graham HILL- Managing Director


« I would recommend IBD Le Mans to business looking to expand into Europe » 

David PHILIPS - International Sales ManagerRACETECH EUROPE Ltd (GB)

RACETECH EUROPE Ltd - Great Britain

« A perfect opportunity for meeting motorsport companies. I felt honoured to be part of it and would recommend to any SME to be involved in the future ».

Steve FOX and Dan MASSER - Business Development Manager

PREMIER GROUP Ltd - Great Britain

« Good potential for new business from two new introductions during 1to1 pre-arranged meetings in particular PSA and Bertrandt ».

Gary SURNAM - Works Manager

A&M EDM - Great Britain

« The IBD Le Mans was worthwhile for A&M EDM as it introduced us to potential new customers and good contacts among the West Midlands companies ».

Andrea PIRA - Project Chef Engineer


« Well-organized event, organisers very helpful and kind », « pre-arranged meetings allow to focus the discussions for specific arguments and to schedule time and day at best »

Andrea Angelino, CEO

AA Modelleria - Italy

« We manufacture prototype casting in aluminium for automobile, Aerospace, naval and energy. Danisi Engineering, one of our customers contacted and convinced us to participate at the International Business Days, because it is a kind of event where you can find directly new customers, like Peugeot Citroën which interested us.

It’s a very good idea that the International Business Days are made during the 24 Hours of Le Mans because finally my company are looking for more business in Motorsport sector and being here during the 24 hours of Le Mans is the best moment. »

Michele CAPORASO - Project Manager


« Good to have the chance to meet seperately possible customers or suppliers presenting each other the company profile » 

Dusan Maly – Chief Executive Officer

Praga Cars - Slovakia

« Wednesday was really nice. There is a beautiful atmosphere. We are part of Le Mans which is something unbelievable for racing. »

Peter Hess – Manager Purchasing

Toyota Motorsport GmbH - Germany

« We had quite interesting discussions this morning and I think some of them are even new business opportunities for us. »

Jinchana Osottanaorn – Manager

Thaïland Board of Investment - Thailand

« These two days, I think we can have many connections with exhibitors. We can have one to one meetings with ones who want to invest in Thailand. »

Paul Sanders – Business Unit Manager

IS Clarendon - Great Britain

« I think It has been an excellent event,  in terms of small, but the quality of people here has been good: manufacturers, Peugeot attending,  as well as subcontract people from various parts of Europe, as well as the people in France. It has been a rewarding trip for us, from all aspects, really.

I think you have got a nice recipe here for growth that is not going to be huge.  I think it still needs to remain quite focused on the people we are trying to attract … »

Jaime Lafita – Chairman

Idelt - Spain

« I have been feeling really comfortable.  The first day, getting familiar with the race, cars, people being together. We get to know the faces and start chatting a little: that is a very good idea, because the meetings on the next day are really more friendly and nice. If not, it would be kind of cold, so that is a great idea, to break the ice. »

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